Ballot Ballet Bulletin

I saw a political ad on TV that said a candidate was the number one choice on the ballet. I did a double take and rewound. Yep, the ad really said “ballet” and not”ballot.” Obviously they were in a hurry and did not run the spell-checker. Maybe the candidate is really well coordinated or an enthusiastic supporter of the arts.

On another note, a photographer friend of mine took a picture of a candidate and the opposition used his image in an attack ad. The teeny tiny problem is that they did not get the photographer’s permission to use the image and they did not pay him. It seems ironic that the opposition is so big on property rights for themselves but not for other people.

Tempers are hot this year, even when I cover ordinary news. Every time I cover an elected or government official there are comical attacks from lobbyists. Everyone knows who they are and who pays them. I know I have been fair when they attack. They like to call themselves “advocates in the legislature.” Didn’t there used to be a magazine called something like that?

On that silly note, vote.

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