High Tides Forever

High Tides Forever

By DJ Cline

November 4, 2012 Point Loess, California

Marsha Colton and Ten Kay sat in their lounge chairs on her yacht’s top deck during lunch.

MARSHA: Who do you think is going to win the election?

TEN KAY: It’s a coin toss. We did everything we could to blunt the spending of billions of dollars by the bad guys, but it still comes down to ordinary people voting. In many timelines this was the last election. After this, the bad guys solidified their control and created so many barriers that most people could not vote.

If that happens here then my particular future will happen. People will become desperately poor and billions of them will die. The bad guys will then turn on each other like we saw on the Zong as it sank. When the ship arrived in my future, not many people were left and they were pretty useless and very dangerous. For everyone to survive there can be no passengers, only crew.

MARSHA: How do we persuade people to vote?

TEN KAY: Well, they don’t have zigzag across multiple timelines to see what can happen. They can just watch the news and step outside. We just had a really hot summer. The drought led to a massive crop failure. New Orleans was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Miami and Venice are flooded at high tide. Japan is hit by tsunami and causes a nuclear disaster. Icebergs the size of Manhattan are breaking off Greenland and the actual island of Manhattan is flooded by Hurricane Sandy. That should finally get the attention of Wall Street. What more do you need to see?

We need to change and the bad guys are fighting every step. They want a government small enough to drown in a bathtub. First, who the hell thinks up a metaphor like that? Second, a government that can drown in bathtub cannot save you from drowning in a hurricane. I have to find a way to get useful information to ordinary people so they have a fighting chance.

MARSHA: I know a guy.

TEN KAY: Great! Who is he?

MARSHA: Nowah Gye.

TEN KAY: You just said that. Who is he?

MARSHA: That’s his name. First name Nowah. Last name Gye. He’s the ultimate ghostwriter. He’s written everything for everybody. He’s very discreet. He wrote my husband’s last book. No matter how the election goes, I think Nowah can help.

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