Awful But Lawful

Awful But Lawful

By DJ Cline

October 2, 2012

The plane had not crashed yet.

It was clear to Netrosonics Chief Legal Counselor Daniel Freid that Anita Gromex was behind the fiasco onboard CEO Billy Thoreau’s yacht, the Zong. In a way, it marked the end of an era. The days of eviscerating America were over. It wasn’t the Occupy demonstrators or the political reforms that were forcing companies to behave. It was the fact that they had picked the carcass of the middle class clean. There was not much left to take.

Netrosonics was finished too. Corporate raider Earl Yukon was placing his friends on the board of directors one by one. Eventually Yukon would find out all the terrible things they had done to people. By then, Freid would be out of reach in his Shanghai penthouse living off the remaining insurance policies and misdirected campaign contributions.

Tonight Freid thought he was safe aboard the company jet far over the Pacific Ocean. His phone rang. The screen said the call was from “Withheld.” Freid followed the advice of his security expert never to answer a call that was listed as unknown, private or withheld. He ignored the call. Then he received an embarrassing picture of himself. He got a second call from “Withheld” and picked it up.

FREID: Hello Anita.

GROMEX: Hello Danny boy. Let’s deal.

FREID: You have nothing I want.

GROMEX: Look outside the left side of the plane.

From behind the jet, an arc of light shot forward across the sky. A missile passed close enough to be seen.

FREID: That must have been expensive to arrange.

GROMEX: Drones are cheap. Turn over the remaining assets of the company. Now.

FREID: What I do may be awful but it is lawful. Let me explain…

GROMEX: Nope. You had your chance to do the right thing. You will live your life looking over your shoulder as everyone who gets close to you dies. The only thing I want to hear from you is the sound of your body hitting the floor.

Suddenly the cockpit door opened. The co-pilot stumbled through the door and fell to the floor. His ears, nose and mouth were bleeding. Freid went forward and saw the pilot in his seat, slumped over the controls.

It was at that point that he wished he had flown commercial.

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