Polar Bear With A Gun

Polar Bear With A Gun

By DJ Cline

Nowah Gye’s Blog

October 1, 2012

The US Coast Guard is still searching for survivors and wreckage from the disappearance of a converted ocean liner called the SS Zong. The yacht belongs to Netrosonics CEO Billy Thoreau who hosted a political fundraiser this weekend closed to the press.

On the evening of Saturday, September 29th, the Zong left San Francisco’s Pier 101 for a cruise out to international waters, expecting to return late the next day. Before boarding, guests were asked to surrender their phones and cameras. This policy was in force to avoid any embarrassing videos of the event appearing online. Adding to security, most of the fund raising staffers were Netrosonics employees.

At about 9:00PM, a sailing ship called the Berg was sighted less than a mile northwest of the Zong. An anonymous donor from Ohio recently purchased the ship and donated it to a non-profit organization called Save The Icebergs. The ship was covered in organic sailcloth to resemble an iceberg and brilliantly backlit by LEDs. In the rigging, demonstrators were dressed as polar bears carrying large protest signs to be seen by wealthy donors on the Zong. By 9:30PM, sources in the Coast Guard speculate that a gust of wind caused the Berg to ram and tear a large hole near the waterline of the Zong.

Initially, there was no panic. Guests aboard the Zong thought the iceberg was part of the party’s entertainment. This included a closing act by a magician known only as the Great Ten Kay, who promised to make the whole ship disappear. As the ship began to sink, confusion and panic spread. One survivor, who wanted to remain unidentified, said they saw a demonstrator dressed in polar bear costume swing from the Berg to the top deck of the Zong and shoot one of Netrosonics security staff. The demonstrator took off the costume to reveal a wetsuit and then headed toward the ballroom carrying a phone that made a cash register noise.

Inside the ballroom, Billy Thoreau tried to humor the guests by having an online auction for the inadequate number of lifeboats. “Market forces will save us.” Thoreau quipped. Someone then shouted, “Smith and Wesson will.” The room went dark and shots rang out. While security guards had seized all the phones, they had let the guests retain their firearms.

By 10:30 PM the Zong now listed to starboard. The lifeboats were full of wealthy guests covered with gunpowder residue. The Berg remained afloat and rescued many from the other ship. The kitchen staff and Zong’s crew managed to escape using the new Colton Technology NanoJackets ™. Packed to the size of a credit card, a jacket not only inflates but sends out a distress signal. Liberal icon and Colton CEO Marsha Colton happened to be on board and distributed the jackets. Sources said she had planned to give out the prototypes at the event but felt compelled to help those in need. Colton was rescued with the others but unavailable for further comment.

At 11:00 PM survivors in the water saw a flash or ball of light engulf the ship and the Zong disappear. Hundreds of Netrosonics employees are unaccounted for. Witnesses wonder if the Great Ten Kay made the ship disappear after all. His last text said.

“I think it important that people live to see the future they create.”

Coast Guard experts are investigating, but say it may take a hundred years to figure out what happened to the Zong.

The list of survivors and missing are on our web page.

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