Sep. 23, 2012 Blumbers

Fun And Fundamentalism

Some people are easily offended. They need to get a thicker skin or a sense of humor, preferably both. If faith is your armor, find something slimming. You clearly did not care about those you attacked, so don’t get all holier than thou now. If you don’t follow your own rules, why should we?

An easy way to determine if someone is a fundamentalist is if they can take a joke. Do you create an environment so hostile that it cannot tolerate a joking manner? If you have driven away creative people, denied them their human rights, then you are in the wrong. Your actions were your message. Since you chose to be the bad guy, we get to be the good guys. We have the right to make fun of you. A lot. Get used to it. This is how you will be remembered, a literal killjoy.

If you go to the circus and don’t see the clowns, you are one. Honk. Honk.

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