Aug. 5, 2012 Blumbers

The Last Lunch Counter

Last Friday I was invited to lunch for a chicken sandwich. The restaurant is owned by a man who thinks other people should not exist. My friends are human rights activist and said it would be like the old days where you would go to a segregated lunch counter in the 1960s. You walk into the restaurant as the visibly discriminated party and are either refused service or expelled. You know you are on the right side of history when they throw you out of a place. Reporters cover the event and show the discrimination in action. It makes a compelling story.

There is a problem of course. The reason to smell a viral ad campaign is that the company apparently does not discriminate against employees or customers. The owner just expressed these views. I guess the thing to do would be to express yourself by voting for candidates who hold more progressive views.

Back in the day, restaurants began putting up signs that said, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” They forgot that customers and voters have the right to go someplace else.

I guess it is time to sit down at one last lunch counter, but after I go to the voting booth first.

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