Jun. 24, 2012 Blumbers

Among Friends

This week the US Supreme Court upheld Healthcare Reform Act. While the pundits argue about what it means, I know what it means to me. It means my friends might live.

I know their are people out on Facebook with a million friends, but mine are flesh and blood. Being carbon-based, they are vulnerable to health crises beyond their control. They need medical attention and until now they have been denied it. Without help they die.

If you have the power to help, you help. To turn your back on someone in dire need is unforgivable. To spend millions to keep from helping people is sociopathic. Those who worry about the cost of health care must know about the cost without it. We do. While they worried about the details of avoiding responsibility for their actions, we worried about the details of taking our friends to the doctor, making sure they had enough food, keeping them indoors, cleaning out their homes after they died and scattering their ashes.

Hopefully we will now join the ranks of other civilized nations and be among friends.

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