Jun. 17, 2012 Blumbers

Goals Set Goals Met

When I started this website six years ago, I had several goals. The first was to create a more visible online presence. Social networking websites were still in their infancy but they all seemed to want to control or own my content. While it was more work, I was advised to create an independent website. No matter what social media came and went, this website would remain on the air.

The second goal was to reach a wider audience. The good news is that I am reaching the people I want to reach all over the world. The site acts as portfolio and calling card.

The third goal was to post everyday. There is always something to write about or show people. If you are keeping count, there are over nearly three thousand posts. There are hundreds of book, film and TV reviews. All of it is a fraction of what I deal with but I think you might find interesting.

What people really love is the event coverage. People who attended want a summary or pictures. Even more people who couldn’t attend want a good impression of what it was like to be there.

The fourth goal was to create an account of what I saw for future reference. Last week scientists in Europe said that cave paintings they found were ten thousand years older than previously thought. The people who created them are long gone but their art survives. The best histories are always personal accounts like Herodotus and Boswell. I learned from the Long Now Foundation how to make it widely available many years from now. The ultimate backup for the ultimate audience continues. They will be as curious about us as we are about them.

Learn from us, do better.

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