Jun. 10, 2012 Blumbers

Positively Negative People

This month marks the sixth anniversary of this site. As with any successful enterprise, it is the result of a team. Projects succeed when everyone is on board with a positive attitude. I found a funny way to handle negative people.

When I started this latest incarnation of a website, I sought advice from people in the public eye. They recommended I constantly look for ways to do a better job but said to ignore criticism unless it was communicated directly to my site. “Actors should not go looking for bad reviews.” They recommended experts to look for people they called trolls. These experts use software that mimics my machine to look for any material and if necessary bring it to the attention of lawyers or authorities, but not to me.

The good news is that for six years if a troll said or did something, I never heard about it. The experts took care of everything. I wanted to thank them as I just kept right on doing my thing.

As one famous writer told me, “Dude, look on the bright side, even people who don’t like you are reading your stuff, and you don’t have to read theirs.”

I suppose he was right, but then I’ll never know, will I? :-D

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One thought on “Jun. 10, 2012 Blumbers”

  1. DJ, I was delighted when you asked for my assistance, thrilled that you invested so much energy into it and honored that you consider me part of your team. You’ve added excellent and valuable content to the web in a way that gives access to all. No small feat in my opinion sir. Here’s to many more years of your work. I’ll be here for it!

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