Apr. 25, 2012 SVEC Anderson Emergency Wireless

On April 25, 2012 in Santa Clara at Santa Clara University, the SVEC held its quarterly meeting. Craig Anderson presented “Santa Clara Emergency Wireless Network.” Experts know that another big earthquake is coming and wanted to find a way to keep first responders online. He showed how to build a cheap reliable wireless network for government and public utilities. He is now switching from a non-profit to a for profit strategy to get the technology out to a broader market.

Jerry Pohorsky of the Electric Auto Association talked about an incredible deal for an electric car. The car is a 2011 model called the Th!nk City that is being offered at a fraction of the original $36K sticker price. The bottom line is that if you can take advantage of the $7500 federal tax credit, you can get a new electric car that goes 70 MPH on the freeway for under $15K including all taxes and DMV registration. The link is:


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