Jan. 8, 2012 Blumbers

The STC Ad You Will Not See

I belong to a lot of organizations. For an organization to  survive nowadays it should be flexible and inclusive. The key to success is to be open to different ideas, people and ways of doing things.

One of organizations I belong to is the Society For Technical Communication (STC). A few months ago I was invited to run for the Nominating Committee. When I saw who the other candidates were, I was happy. I knew these people and thought that any one of them would do a great job. No matter who won, the members would win too.

Three candidates gave testimonials that were used as banner ads on the STC website in a random rotation. Essentially these ads might appear as political ads for the candidates. The ads were temporarily pulled offline and all candidates were told that they could submit an ad.

I create banners all the time. I picked one of my aerial views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge with the tagline “Thanks to STC, I fly out of SFO.” I quickly submitted the ad.

It was rejected. The ad apparently must look the same as all the other ads. I had always thought that the way to get ads noticed was that they stand out.

I was told the ad must have your picture and your signature. I have an ugly mug, and I thought most people would prefer to see a my work versus my face. I also have to question the wisdom of putting your picture and your signature online. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

I asked if the ads could be pulled offline until after the election. They could not do that. Apparently there are only six testimonial ads and removing three ads would be too much.

I was saddened by the thought that out of six thousand STC members there were only six ads. Over the years I have known at least a thousand members who have gotten a job through STC. I know, I was often the employment manager who put up the ad. There should be thousands testimonials on the STC website and they should all be as different as our members.

So I am putting my testimonial ad on my own website. It does not conform to the rules, but it does to my heart… in San Francisco. :-)

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  1. One of the great blessings of the internet: inflexibility can be worked around. The STC should be embracing the uniqueness of its members, not trying to force them into a mold. Kudos for thinking outside the mold.

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