Nov. 21, 2011 Tom Brokaw Commonwealth

On Monday, November 21, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Center Theatre, Tom Brokaw of NBC talked with Dan Ashley of ABC KGO talked about his new book “The Time of Our Lives: A Conversation about America.” Brokaw talked about the challenges facing Americans and thinks we have to face reality and make decisions quickly, before they are made for us.

The problems cannot be solved with the current political gridlock. The Right has a single goal of not paying taxes. The Left is trying to solve problems faced by everyone else, like food, jobs, education, and housing.

Of course, with the Right ending the American middle class, living in a McMansion with a three car garage and hoarding the world’s resources will end as well. It is quite likely the next generation will have a lower standard of living and probably rent rather than buy smaller homes.

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly half of all Americans and  a quarter of all children live in poverty. Poor, hungry children will not go to college. They may never graduate from high school. If we cannot prepare our children for a better future, we need to at least prepare them for a worse one.

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