Nov. 15, 2011 Tech Museum Test Zone

On Tuesday November 15, 2011 in San Jose, the Tech Museum opened “Test Zone 2011: Interfaces of the New Decade”. The event brought together innovative interactive technology researchers, developers, and users to get a hands-on look at new ways to experience museums and public spaces. The Test Zone displayed examples of augmented reality, context awareness, deformable surfaces, eye-tracking, gestural interfaces, gigapixel images, motion sensing, multi-touch, natural user interfaces, RFIDs, smart museum systems, tablet computers and ubiquitous media.

Bob Ketner of the Tech Museum was the master of ceremonies. Tech Museum president Tim Ritchie unveiled the Tech Virtual and Tech Test Zone where new exhibit ideas are tried out. Christopher Stapleton of Simiosys talked about how “phydgital space” will be the next generation of user experience.  Ana Rosario of Intel spoke of the key players in the augmented reality space. Ross Smith of University of South Australia talked about sculpting with a digital interface. John MacDuffie Woodburn and Matt Miller of Pixel demonstrated eye tracking software. Tamara Schwartz of the Chabot Space & Science Center showed how exhibits with RFIDs interact with users. Rick Ernst of Ogmento uses augmented reality games to get people off their couches. Sasha Harris-Cronin of BBI Engineering talked about the risks and rewards of new technologies in museums. Jim Spadaccini of Open Exhibits demonstrated community software for multitouch and motion recognition.

Also attending were museum supporters Ann Bowers and Barbara Glynn.


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