Oct. 30, 2011 Blumbers

Text Next To Be Exed?

With the introduction of Siri on Apple’s new iPhone, I wonder of we are seeing the death of text. The move that started with using a mouse instead of a keyboard has moved to touch screens and now voice commands.

For a long time technical communication was dedicated to observing a procedure and converting it to text because pictures were hard to reproduce. The user read the text and had to visualize the process. Desktop publishing made it easier to include pictures and now the web makes it easier to use video. I was at an IEEE event in Stanford and they said that soon 75 percent of web content would be video. If you want to explain something you will just post a video and show someone how to do it.

One hurdle will be building simultaneous voice translation apps. We are getting closer to Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide and Babelfish every day.

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