Sep. 22, 2011 STC Joe Devney Effective Presentations

On September 22, 2011 in Santa Clara, STC Silicon Valley chapter hosted STC Associate Fellow Joe Devney’s presentation “Managing Multiple Information Channels: Strategies for Effective Presentation.” Devney gave some funny examples and helpful hints on how to get your message across.

With the rise of technical communications, every professional gives presentations, but what information channel works best for a particular audience? Devney said there are three things to consider. How long is the material is available to the audience? How easy is it to change the material? How dense is the information medium?

As a communication channel, your voice may be the easiest to use but may be hard to hear in a large audience. Printed handouts can be accurate but should be handed out afterwards so as not to distract from what you might be saying. Slide presentations are great to focus attention but are vulnerable to technical glitches. Regardless of the channel, he strongly recommends reading the usability work of Edward Tufte and George Miller.

Please join us on October 27, 2011 for the October SVC meeting; to be held at the Redwood City Chevy’s, located at 2907 El Camino Real Blvd in Redwood City. The meeting starts at 6 PM. The topic is GUI Bloopers with Jim Johnson.

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