Lone Survivor

lone survivor.jpg

By Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson

SEALs are remarkable people. They are tough soldiers who win through speed, stealth and endurance. They put up with a lot because they want it more. This is the story of a kid from East Texas who winds up on a mountain in Afghanistan. Everyone else in his team is killed and the Taliban or Al Queda tries to hunt him down. He is wounded, hungry, thirsty, running out of ammunition and not wearing any pants.

Pashtun tribesman ultimately protects him by some custom where they are obligated to protect their guests. From there Special Forces rescue him.

He is a big fan George W. Bush. This made it hard to read. Luttrell is not fan of liberals, the media or restrictive rules of engagement. He feels the rules of engagement led to the disaster that befell his team. Gwynne Dyer, a close observer of war, might agree. He said that soldiers are asked to do things that society generally finds unacceptable, unless they do it to another society. To expect rules in war is to expect order in chaos. The realities of combat seldom fit in official guidelines.

Despite his views, I recommend the book.

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