Jul. 25, 2011 The New Yorker

On Jul. 25, 2011 The New Yorker’s Alec Wilkinson wrote “Let’s Get Small” about Tumbleweed’s Jay Shafer and the tiny house movement. Supporters say they are affordable, environmentally friendly and easier to maintain than normal housing. Built on trailers, they are usually under 400 square feet with a kitchen and bath. They may violate local building codes and banks may not mortgage. According the International Code Council, no habitable room can be smaller than 70 square feet and no house under 261 square feet.

Calvin Trillin wrote “Back On The Bus” about Freedom Riders in the 1960’s American South. Segregationist tried to decide who was a member of the press, limit their access, tell them whether they could take pictures and even what kind of cameras they could use.

John Cassidy wrote “Mastering The Machine” about Ray Dialo, hedge fund founder of Bridgewater Associates. Dialo correctly predicted the collapse of the economy in 2007 because of the “crazy lending and leveraging practices” of financial institutions. He approached and informed the Bush Administration and they did not act on it. The Obama Administration did act and the economy rebounded fast than even he thought it would.

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