Mar. 29, 2011 SDF Global Women’s Journey

On March 29, 2011 in San Jose at Adobe, SDForum and BayBrazil celebrated International Women’s Day by launching the Global Women’s Journey series discussing the path to leadership. Maggie Shiels of the BBC moderated panelists Ana Paula Fernandes of Mettler-Toledo, Mei Lin Fung of Institute for Service Organization Excellence, Kirsti Kierulf of Accenture, Anu Shukla of Koinz Media and Whitney Tidmarsh of EMC.

Over the next decade a billion women will enter the global workforce, in some places outnumbering men in upper management. In America, women own ten million businesses and own twenty percent of all businesses with annual revenue over a million dollars. In California, women are on 9.5 percent of board seats at 400 of the largest publicly held positions, according to a UC Davis study. In Silicon Valley, women from diverse backgrounds increasingly find themselves on the path to leadership by starting their own businesses. Global changes in attitude help drive this social, economic and political process. It begins with access to education and recognizing individual strengths and abilities. Education opens the door to networking and business opportunities. Building wealth builds influence which is the path to leadership. An important part is to network. The rise of social networking technology helps people build alliances and help others on the path to leadership.

Musician Romeo Ribeiro opened the event with beautiful Brazilian song. I now have to find more of his music. Chrysa Caufield of Tendril in Boulder Colorado attended this event.

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