Jan. 25, 2011 WCA Smart Grid Security

On January 25, 2011 in Sunnyvale at Synopsys, the WCA Smart Grid SIG presented “What Is Needed To Ensure the Smart Grid Is Secure?” Mike Ahmadi of GraniteKey moderated panelists Aditi Dubey of Silver Spring Networks, Dr. Isaac Ghansah of CSU Sacramento, Pan Kamal of AlertEnterprise and Christopher Villarreal of CPUC. This was an unusual mix of public, private and academic experts who talked about the very real dangers of an attack on the smart grid. There needs to be better communication between federal and state regulatory agencies. A utility should consolidate all sorts of security, from physical property to cyberspace under one manager so they can see a complete picture. There must be implementation down to the individual employees in the field. Security must constantly be updated to protect from new attacks.

All this made me wonder if there is better way to deliver electricity to consumers.

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