Sept. 21, 2010 WCA Smart Grid Demand Response

On September 21, 2010 in Palo Alto at PARC, WCA Smart Grid SIG presented “Demand Response in the Residential Market.” Eric Wesoff of Greentech Media moderated Aloke Gupta of CPUC, Marcel Hawiger of TURN, Scott Hublou of EcoFactor, Jim Nichols of EnerNOC and Mary Ann Piette of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Demand response is a way to shave off peaks in energy demand. Big and small companies are selling sensors, control systems, and services for intelligent energy systems. The low hanging fruit is in industrial and commercial spaces while costs have not come down for the residential market yet. The big question is whether a system that was originally designed as a one-to-many network can be adapted to a many-to-many network.

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