May 26, 2010 SDF kaChing

On Wednesday May 26, 2010 in Mountain View at LinkedIn, the SDForum SAM SIG hosted David Fortunato and Pascal-Louis Perez of kaChing presenting “Applied Lean Startup Ideas: Continuous Deployment at kaChing.”

kaChing is an online platform that connects investors with investment managers. They see continuous deployment is a way of life and adopted lean methodologies from the start. They can now can commit-to-production in five minutes. They described the mechanics of an automated release from check-in to production. They can clean build with full regression testing in less than 3 minutes, package and deploy by automatically redirecting traffic using ZooKeeper to coordinate and monitoring the release. Their service oriented platform is dubbed “kawala” and is being open sourced at

Video by Steve Mezak can be seen at: and

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