May 1, 2010 STC Changes

Next week the Society for Technical Communication will hold its big annual event in Dallas, Texas. I will try to cover it but it usually means popping in and out. If you see, me say hello.

STC is not the same organization it was fifty years ago. It shouldn’t be. It should always be changing to meet the needs of its members. Being a leader in STC after this latest crisis cannot compare to what came before. How do you compare steering an organization through an economic collapse and bailing out the parent organization? There is no comparison. It was like St. Crispins Day and you had to be there.

What survives? What needs to be done?

To me volunteering at STC meant helping people find work. Over the decades I have been a part of an organization that has helped thousands of people pay their bills. When I helped someone get a job, I felt I had done my job. A paycheck meant more than an any certificate, plaque or award.  Anything else is subservient to that goal.

We should honor those who have helped others and then get back to our mission.

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