Apr. 14, 2010 Stanford Robot Skeleton Army

With a nod to Craig Ferguson’s Robot Skeleton Army, here is an event for more recruits.

On April 14, 2010 In Palo Alto at Stanford University, the National Robotics Week organization exhibited everything from toys to industrial robots. I was most impressed by a Segway modified for the blind by Intellisight.org. Ryan Shaw of Intuitive Surgical demonstrated the skill and accuracy of it’s equipment to do less invasive medical procedures. Liam Pedersen of NASA Ames Research Center showed how robots are used in space exploration. Neato Robotics, Tom Low of SRI International and Keenan Wyrobeck of Willow Technology showed the dexterity of their machines.

If your really interested in seeing the next generation of technology, check put SDForum’s upcoming “Tech Titans of Tomorrow: Teens Plugged In 2010 Conference” on Friday, April 23rd from 8:45 AM – 4:45 AM at Microsoft in Mountain View at:


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