Feb. 4, 2010 SDF Consumer Clean Tech Trends

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On February 4, 2010 in Menlo Park at Orrick, SDForum held a Green and Clean Evening presenting “Consumer Clean Tech Trends.” Greg Heibel of Orrick moderated panelists Sara Batterby of Akel Ventures, Tod Francis of Shasta Ventures, Jan Pepper of Alameda Municipal Power, Scott Potter of San Francisco Equity Partners and Pete Davies of TerraPass. They discussed if greening of the American consumer is a fad or a fundamental change in their everyday life. If this is a tipping point, where should investors look for opportunities over the next four years?

About two percent of consumers base their purchasing decision solely on whether a product is green or not. Most consumers are concerned these days about cost and efficiency. Oddly enough the 1950’s “keeping up with the Jones” may become the 21st century’s “keeping down with the Jones” as people compete to be more energy efficient with their neighbors. The competitive consumer dynamic that got us into this mess may get us out of it.

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Note: Sara Batterby of Akel Ventures 08-14-17 NE22nd St Portland OR

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