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On September 24, 2009 in Mountain View at the Dojo House, STC Silicon Valley hosted Andrew Davis of LinkUp to talk about what’s next in technical communication. Whatever you are doing now, it is time to do something else. You have to create profits for your clients or you won’t have any. Don’t be middle management.  Be so good, so unique you cannot be offshored. Become the subject matter expert that clients want to talk to. Text from

Davis recommended business strategies that I’ve seen work elsewhere:

1. Identify an underserved audience in a prosperous industry with good long-term prospects (e.g., not snow sports or clean coal, but maybe healthcare, medical devices, or clean tech)

2. Acquire deep subject-matter expertise

3. Develop a respected, and responsive, professional network

4. Cultivate a role as trusted intermediary between seller and buyer

5. Provide a proprietary standalone product or service – such as training, support, recruiting, advertising, marketing, mediation, testing, or even documentation – with which you deliver unique profit-making potential to your customer. Try to make your solution synergistic, and don’t stop refining it.

6. Connect with both buyers and sellers, and dig deep for ways to make them both more financially successful.

7. Market your results in ways that resonate with ‘money people.’ Address the CFO’s concerns.

After the formal meeting Andrew also spoke to me about LinkUp which is not LinkedIn. LinkUp helps companies list jobs that are not normally advertised.  Companies can post a position and find qualified candidates. He explained to me why LinkUp made sense for companies looking to actually hire people. In a nutshell, here is what sets LinkUp apart (from the employer’s perspective): Text from

1. Indexes jobs only from employers’ websites, and freshens them daily — its listings are always current, never fake, and usually unadvertised anywhere else. Result: candidates can confidently spend more time focused on your opportunities.

2. Carries no listings from recruiters, job boards, or aggregators. No middleman or advertising fees means candidates cost you less.

3. Publicizes all your jobs for less than the price of 2 postings on the major ‘pay-to-post’ job boards.

4. Offers a custom career portal, if you lack your own applicant-tracking system (ATS).

5. Brings candidates directly to your site, making them ATS-trackable and easier to inform.

6. Syndicates your job listings to Facebook and Twitter, solving your social-network distribution challenges.

7. Offers sponsored ads for $0.25/click — 1/8th the cost of Indeed, Simply Hired, and Google. Plus, you’re not bidding against the job boards as you would be on the aggregators.

8. Makes jobs ultra-accessible via the LinkUp iPhone app, blog widget, custom RSS feeds, email agents, Twitter, and Facebook app.

9. Carries almost 400,000 jobs from over 22,000 employers nationally, including all the Fortune 500 — at least 3 times more listings than The Ladders and Employment Crossing, and 8 times more than DICE.

10. August 2009 stats: 151,223 visits / 113,608 unique / average time on site 4:22 minutes. Text from

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