Aug. 26, 2009 SDF Microsoft Pearls of Wisdom 2

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On August 26, 2009 in Mountain View at the Microsoft Campus, SDForum, Women 2.0, Astia, and TiE Women’s Forum hosted “Pearls of Wisdom from Successful Women Leaders.” People that talk about the lack of successful women in Silicon Valley leadership positions should recognize the work done by people at this event. Sandra Chiang, Lilia Lauer, Sheela Ursal attended. Below are pictures of some of the other attendees.

Note: This meeting was of interest to the public and as such should be covered by the press. Anyone who attended an SDForum event consented to be photographed as part of the registration process. This notification is like the Apple iTunes agreement that nobody pays any attention to, perhaps they should. The good news is that the photographer is very nice and asked attendees if they wanted their pictures taken. If they said no, their pictures were not taken. Nowadays everybody has a camera so this issue is not going away.  Text from DJ

Araque Patricia copyBelska Margaret copyBerschauer Kelly copyBloom Marilyn copyBoevers Elke copyBora Monalisa copyCast Diane copyChanHerur KC copyFarrell Rhonda copyGalvan Claudia copyGholami Nina copyGomatam Venkatesh copyGordon Francine copyHalf Jan copyHanson Kathy copyHerron Christine copyHolroyd Linda copyHuang Melissa copyJacobsen Kristen copyJain Chanchai copyJaine Aditi copyJoshi Manoj copyKao Janet copyKearns Sara copyKhachooni Terra copyKohn Helen copyKulkami Smitha copyKwan Shirley copyLee Frank copyLien Annie copyLim Su copyLiu Meiyang copyLondon Sonja copyMa Amanda copyMcFarlane Jennifer copyMehta Nehai copyMishra Reena copyNagar Lavina copyNorthrup Karen copyPatel Carol copyPolese Karen copyPortnov Lana copyRota Nadia copySeelig Tina copySharma Ruchi copyTellerman Shanna copy

Note: 09-04-16 Portland OR SE22nd and SE Salmon

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