Aug. 20, 2009 Stanford Solar Car Project

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I was stopped in rush hour traffic when I saw an experimental prototype from Stanford Solar Car project called the Apogee (not the Solstice). It definitely turned heads. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a Cash For Clunkers program where you get an electric car?


The driver of that vehicle according to Mr. Sasha Zbrozek was Daniel Posch of Stanford. His perspective can be seen at

A few days after these pictures were taken, Chuck Squatriglia of Wired posted an excellent article about the car with splendid pictures by Jim Merithew. Their fine work can be seen at:

I have been covering electric vehicles for many years and I wish Mr. Posch and the rest of the team success in Australia.

And now for some good natured humor…

Top Ten Thoughts on the Apogee

1. No cupholders

2. Can only use the cigarette lighter on really sunny days.

3. Low ground clearance prevents off-roading.

4. Not exempt from chain laws on ski trips.

5. No place to put a bumper sticker.

6. Seats one person or one really close couple.

7. No luggage rack.

8. Needs windsurfing board adapter kit.

9. Needs USB port so you can upload songs to the world’s largest iPhone.

10. Dealer supplied undercoating costs an extra $800.

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