Aug. 18, 2009 SDF Reaching 100

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I’ve written over a hundred articles for SDForum. You can too.

It is easier than you think. SDForum holds more meetings than Alcoholics Anonymous. There is always a meeting going on somewhere. Someone stands up in front of an audience and says “I’m Bob, and I love technology.” Text from

I go to these events, take notes and pictures and then write about it. I try to get the basic facts straight like how to spell their names and companies they work for. That is the easy part. The hard part is trying boil down incredibly complex ideas into a few sentences. What I do is high tech haiku. Nothing beats getting a message from a reader thanking you for attending that event and explaining it to them.

Sometimes I am the first person to write about a new company or technology. If you write for SDForum, you may get the scoop of a lifetime. You may see an idea that will create a company, jobs and an entire industry. The person you meet at a small event may one day speak at convention center full of people, and you will know them personally. Pretty cool.

This brings up an important point. For all the technology you will see, it is the people you will meet that will stay with you. Tell their stories. Write for SDForum.

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