June 11, 2009 STC Volunteers


On Thursday June 11, 2009 the STC Silicon Valley Chapter Council held its annual dinner at Il Postino in Sunnyvale. What started out two years ago as a happy few is now a happy multitude. I literally turned the keys over to President Pat Harvey. The chapter now has experienced leadership and sharp volunteers ready to face whatever challenges the future brings.

Thanks to those who were there at the beginning and worked hard to make this happen. Joanne Grey started the ball rolling. Guy Haas and then the amazing Todd Hawley wrestled with the weirdest website in the world. Pat Harvey knew the rules and kept us on track. Andrea Ames backed our changes. Connie Stewart and Revathi Sampath did their jobs in spite of everything. And of course there is the incredible story of Viki Maki. If you ever need a team and a person to lead it, call Viki.

Viki Maki found great people like Karen Aidi, Jackie Athey, Marcie Gugenheim, Don Hines, Farozan Jivraj, David Katsumoto, Lauren Katzive, Bob Kauten, Gina Luzzi, Greg Martin, John McClements, Meg Miranda, Theresa Stanley, Mary Vue, and Karen White. They are tomorrow’s leadership. I hope they work in every council job, learning what it takes so when the day comes they can step in to the role of president and do what must be done.

I now get to be Immediate Past President, the grandparent who spoils the kids. Since the most recent adventure began, I figure I’ve attended over a hundred meetings and given away a hundred iPods. Last night everyone got LED flashlights and thumb drives in little pirate pouches. On to the next success.

Note to Earnest: The facts are now indisputable and the truth is self-evident. The extraordinary accomplishment is well-earned. Votes have been counted and the verdict is in. Being right has its advantages. Enjoy the rain.

Sitting by the pool, laughing. -DJ


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