June 10, 2009 SDF Case Study

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On Wednesday June 10, 2009 in Palo Alto, SDForum, Frank, Rimerman + Co. and Nixon Peabody presented “Building a Silicon Valley Business: A Case Study of Learning Lessons for Entrepreneurs”. Steve Clinton of Nixon Peabody moderated panelists Ramneek Bhasin of Mayfield Fund, Dr. J. Antonio Carballo of IBM, Jerry Iwata of Comerica, and Jan Robertson of SiVal.

If you followed this series you’ll know just about everything that can happen to a start-up has happened. It is like role-playing only with real entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. At each step panelists are presented with a challenge and the using their experience come up with a solution. The final episode was about exit strategies. Do you keep the company, get merged, acquired or go for the IPO? Bet on being bought.

The general consensus about the real world economy is that things are no longer in freefall. There are lots opportunities to buy companies with good ideas and solid operations,it just takes longer to get the deal done.


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