May 28, 2008 STC Publishing Your Book


On May 28, 2009 at the UC Santa Cruz Extension the STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted “How To Publish Your Own Book” with editor Laurie Gibson, designer Leslie Fitch and publisher Michell Levy of HappyAbout (

Laurie Gibson said the number of print on demand books and e-books is growing faster than any other segment of publishing. Publishers want writers who understand publishing is a collaborative process. Leslie Fitch showed how good design is essential in print and online. She demonstrated how traditional books are put together with a beautiful Gutenberg print.

Mitchell Levy’s HappyAbout turns traditional publishing on its head. Becoming a book author gives you street credit. The author is the product not the book. A book acts as rather large thick business card demonstrating expertise. It leads to visibility, more business and even speaking engagements. Where a traditional publisher may limit the scope and take year to publish, Levy can do it in two months. He can make more profit with smaller runs in less time.

While they all see the growth in e-books and Google’s Kindle, they still think we will be using paper for a while yet.

Stephanie Bryant was also there with copies of the first two issues of Handknit Heroes, a graphic novel with knitting patterns and instructions. More can be seen at



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