Apr. 28, 2009 SDF Digital Media

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On April 28, 2009 in Palo Alto, SDForum and Sierra Ventures held the Digital Media Thought Leadership event.

The forum gave unique perspectives from leaders in networks, agencies, digital entertainment, services, infrastructure providers and venture capital on big changes in digital entertainment.

Mark Fernandes of Sierra Ventures and Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum kicked off the event. Daniel Offner of Nixon Peabody moderated the first panel on ‘The Digital Divide- transition from Offline to Online’ with Gordon Henry of Spotzer Media Group, Jeff Kennedy of FOX, Jeff Revoy of Embarq, and Michael Yang of Comcast Interactive. David Krantz of AT&T Interactive gave the first keynote. Larry Magid, CBS News and CNET News moderated the second panel on ‘Online Video and Monetization’ with Steve Abraham of IBM Global Business Services, John Calkins of Sony Pictures, Russ Fradin of Adify, and Bismarck Lepe of Ooyala.
Jimmy Schaeffler of Carmel Group moderated the third panel on ‘The Future of TV’ with Mitch Berman of Zillion TV, Jim Denney of TiVo, Christine Heckart of Microsoft TV, and Tim Twerdahl of Roku. The event wrapped up with a fireside chat with Dan Cohen of Disney-ABC, Pay TV & New Media and Jimmy Schaeffler of Carmel Group.

Media has been in constant upheaval. Sound films disrupted silent films. Sound was disrupted by broadcast television and then cable. Finally the Internet made all of them irrelevant, or did it? To this day there are release windows for intellectual properties in channels that still exist. A Broadway musical can be heard on a theatrically released film, seen on TV from cable or DVD, and downloaded to a phone or computer. A football game can be turned into a video game on a disc or online. Getting people to pay to use content in new venues is how the money will be made. Advertising and small payments will battle it out with subscriptions for the best model. The easier you make it for them to use it, the more money you will make.


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