Apr. 17, 2009 SDF Developer’s Conference

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On April 17, 2009 at the Tech Mart in Santa Clara, SDForum held a Developer’s Conference called “Shaping The New Age Of Application Development”. James Staten of Forrester Research gave the opening keynote. Chris Yeh of PBWiki moderated the first panel on new business models with Rob Bernshteyn of Coupa, K.V. Rao of Zuora and Lisa Rutherford of TwoFish. Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies moderated the second panel on mobile platforms with Adam Blum of Rhomobile, Eric Klein of Sun Microsystems, John Loughney of Nokia, Brad Smith of Lift Software and John Yin of Zannel.

Stormy economic clouds are driving individuals, startups and corporations to cloud computing and application containers. Applications must have collaboration and analytics from the beginning to meet exponential demand. Communities will pay as they go or go elsewhere. New applications have to be flexible, fast and with little overhead. Amazon continues to grow offering Infrastructure as a service. IBM is offering Blue Cloud. Ultimately, your company may not have an IT department or even a server in a closet. You may just have a high speed Internet connection. With a wireless service, you may not have a cable or even an office.


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