Feb. 5, 2009 SDF Mobile

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On February 5, 2009 in Menlo Park at Orrick SDForum’s Mobile SIG hosted “Mobile Broadband Software Enablers and Layered-in Applications.” Two VC funded companies, Skyfire and Zannel revealed what they have been developing for global markets.

Raj Singh of Skyfire has a mobile browser that works with integrated applications like Flash, Javascript and Quicktime. They are developing for multiplatform web 2.0 infrastructures.

Adam Zbar of Zannel says his company is a social network enabler developing built-in applications and outreach with viral consumer campaigns, LBS, iPhone applications. They provided a dynamic Inauguration Channel that provided a front seat to the Obama Inauguration.

James Tucker of Thunk used his cool gear to cover the event. Mario Tapia was there to give his best Elvis impersonation. Thank you very much.


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