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On January 22, 2009 at the UC Santa Cruz Extension campus in Cupertino the STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Suneeta Aggarwal of Tibco. She presented “The Technical Writing Profession in China” showing how TIBCO Software approached and addressed this exciting challenge. There was quite a crowd to hear her speak.

For over a decade, Suneeta Aggarwal has built teams from scratch locally as well as in India and China. She currently manages a large team spread across United States, India, China, and the UK, with occasional contractors in Canada as well.

She posed several questions. Do you have development and QA teams in China but technical writing in other locations? Do you tend to assume that it’s not possible to write documentation in English in China? Is it truly feasible to consider creating documentation in China in English?

Technical writing virtually does not exist as a recognized profession in China. When Chinese people hear about it they get very excited. TIBCO tends to hire locally in China. They look for candidates with a technical background with strong English skills. Interviewing and hiring people is very different in China. Be patient and listen to candidates. They keep an editor on site to help the writers use TIBCO’s very detailed guidelines. Workers must learn to speak up in meetings if they have a point to make.

She wants to encourage growth of the profession in China. It can be done by speaking at universities in China and creating STC chapters there. This is the direction things are heading and she is at the head of it.

If you get a chance to hear her speak, do it.

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