Dec. 28, 2008 Blumbers


It has been quite a year. I said it would be. Text from

If you’ll remember last year I said that the next president would be the tallest candidate who raised the most money. Politics is the art of the possible and last year we got the impossible. Next year we will move toward the merely improbable. Text from

In the mean time I will continue to work with the future in mind. This year I worked as a Director for the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC). We gave a record number of scholarships. If you are a donor I remind you that it is time to write another check so you create the next technical workforce that will help you write more checks in the future. Text from

I also worked as President of the Society for Technical Communication’s Silicon Valley Chapter. We moved and are working on one of the oldest websites in history. We are also well positioned to weather the financial downturn. I am grateful for the whole new generation of volunteers who have stepped forward to put us at the lead of social networking. It is time to renew your membership and your job prospects. Text from

I kept working with the SDForum. I was happy to be a part of their fundraising efforts. I saw a lot of new startups that may someday refill the office parks in Silicon Valley. I’ve written almost hundred articles for them at this point on everything from biotech to venture capital. Keep an eye on green tech. Text from

As a charter member, I see The Long Now Foundation continues to think and work toward a far future few will ever see. I suspect the window they are trying to create into the future will most likely help future archaeologists see into the past.

For me the best Future Salon event was the one on how the Masai tribe is dealing with climatic, social and political change in Kenya.

I continue to travel the world and meet hundreds of wonderful people a week. They fascinate me. Each pursuing their own dreams and creating a huge picture of what the future will look like. Take a large enough sample and you can guess what is going to happen next. All the trends I covered converged this year.

It was difficult to balance the craziness of the presidential campaign with the madness of the markets. By September they collided and actually made things much easier. As other people freaked out, I kept right on going. If you thought last year was weird, put on your seatbelts. As Hunter S. Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”Text from

The world will not end. There is always a future of one kind or another. The question is whether you will be a part of it.ext from

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