Oct. 23. 2008 STC Google Joe Malin


On October 23, 2008 at the UC Santa Cruz Extension Cupertino campus, STC Silicon Valley Chapter hosted Joe Malin, who talked about being a technical communicator at Google. Text from DJCline.com

I was not surprised when Google snapped up Malin. I had worked with him when he was Secretary and Treasurer on the Admin Council. It seemed inevitable that he would be drawn like other extraordinary STC volunteers to Google. He has an engineering background which has taken him from HP to startups to the Ultimate Cool. Text from DJCline.com

Using slides displayed on the Chrome browser, Malin talked about what Google expects from its people. They look for achievement. They look for highly technical senior professionals who don’t just write but create information for internal and external audiences. They are flexible, proactive, manage their time effectively and take ownership. Text from DJCline.com

The corporate culture resembles a graduate school. People are driven by their individual passions to solve a particular problem. They are measured by their ability to work with others to create something useful. They work hard to make it fun. The entire campus can pick up and go for a ski trip. They expect you to have personal and professional life outside the company. Text from DJCline.com

He also displayed his T-Mobile Android G1 cell phone. Cool cubed. Text from DJCline.com


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