Oct. 22, 2008 SDF Case Study

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On October 22, 2008 in Palo Alto at Frank, Rimerman and Company, SDForum presented “A Case Study of Learning Lessons for Entrepreneurs”. Jim Chapman of Nixon Peabody moderated panelists Steve Baroni of Frank Rimerman, Lisa Chapman of Nixon Peabody, Dave Dembitz of Keiretsu, Anthony Nassar of Venture Momentum, George Northup of Auction Drop, and Emily Ruvalcaba of Bridge Bank. Text from DJCline.com

The idea is to put yourself in the shoes of principal at a fictional startup called GS, following the startup’s lifecycle over the next five months. Panelists were presented with problems and discuss available options. The first problem was a common one in today’s economy: a cash crunch. Text from DJCline.com

GS has successfully landed its first major partnership GS television production company for their new show ¬†“America Has A Big Secret.” They have been doing consulting on the side, but the company has not yet begun to generate revenue from its core business. Unfortunately, the company is almost completely out of cash. This is their first big break, yet they cannot even pay their employees, taxes, rent, or even buy their own coffee. What can and should the founders do?Text from DJCline.com

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