Oct. 21, 2008 SDF Biofuels

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On October 21, 2008 at the Cabaña Hotel and Resort in Palo Alto SDForum and Astia presented a Clean Tech Breakfast on the “Next Generation Biofuel Feedstock” sponsored by Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams. What’s it all about, algae? Is it algae bloom or bust? Will the scum of the earth make money? Will that stuff growing in your refrigerator help run it? Text from DJCline.com

Algae could potentially produce at least grow 10-100 times more energy per acre without affecting food production. Over twenty companies are learning how to increase production rates, yield, processing and scaling. They experiment with genetic engineering, closed system bioreactors and different algae species to see how it competes with other biofuels. Text from DJCline.com

Derek Dowsett of Moss Adams moderated panelists David Blume of BioFuels Expert, Will Coleman of MDV, James Horn of Noventi, Matt Jones of Nth Power. Text from DJCline.com

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