Sept. 3, 2008 SDF Breakfast

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On September 3, 2008 SDForum’s Susan Lucas-Conwell held a strategy breakfast for volunteers and visitors. Attending were Mark Duncan, Shirley Lin, David Cheung, ArLyne Diamond, Ovidiu Feodorov, Francine Gordon, Irene Lefton, William Leong, and Dave Nielsen. Text from

Dave Nielsen talked about the October 1, 2008 event called External Infrastructure: Cloud Computing and Beyond the Grows Up (Finally). He talked about companies placing their data out in different parts of network server clouds in case one of them goes down. I called this switch of data from one cloud to the other Cloud Jumping (TM). He liked the term, so remember, you heard it here first. There are also events on clean tech, VCs investing offshore and women in technology this month. Text from

Here is a picture from the event.


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