Aug. 15, 2008 SDF Innovation and Research Fair

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On Aug. 15, 2008 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, SDForum held the Corporate Innovation and Research Fair. Technology leaders from eBay, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Sun talked about innovation and collaborating with entrepreneurs. You would think that all these fierce competitors under one roof would be like watching a watering hole in Africa. In fact everybody faced the same challenges of creating something new and getting it in the hands of customers. Text from

Max Mancini of eBay is Senior Director of Platform and Disruptive Innovation at eBay. Max’s team creates an idea and turns it into a product. Their eBay Developers Program, encourage third-party developers to make it faster, easier and safer to buy and sell on eBay. He thinks devices like the iPhone will dramatically increase the demand for more IT services as billions of people change the way they do business. Text from

Rich Friedrich of Hewlett Packard leads the Enterprise Systems and Software Lab (ESSL) in HP Laboratories, creating unique, flexible and reliable IT infrastructure and enterprise services on demand. He sees potential in sustainable infrastructure and cloud computing. Text from

Roy Levin of Microsoft is Distinguished Engineer and Director Microsoft Research Silicon Valley after pioneering work at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, DEC and Compaq. Microsoft is always trying to figure out how to apply basic research. One example is machine learning to control spam. Text from

Marie-Anne Neimat is vice president of development for Oracle’s embedded databases such as TimesTen In-Memory Database, Berkeley DB, and Oracle Lite. She sees great potential in embedded databases. Text from

Dr. Ike Nassi of SAP is Executive Vice President of Research for the Americas and China. He explores advanced new enterprise technologies for the emerging multinational corporate environments and leads SAP’s Global Business Incubator. He also helped start the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California serving on the Board of Trustees. SAP creates incubators so an idea can be turned into a useful product. Text from

Roger Meike is Senior Director of Area 51 and Director of Operations at Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Meike’s work in cognitive science, software and hardware has led him though start-ups and corporate R&D. They are encouraging students in schools to develop networked open source technology. He demonstrated gadgets developed for the Sunspot project. Text from

Networking Lunch and Panel Discussion: “Connecting the Dots: Tech Transfer and the Innovation Chain” was moderated by Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies with panelists Roy Levin, Roger Meike, Ike Nassi, Deborah Magid of IBM, Harold Yu of Orrick and David Smith of Tynax. Good project management is key to bringing an idea to market. Text from

Companies at the afternoon exhibition were Datamash, eBay, Happy About, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Macrovision, Openface Project, Oracle, SAP, Spigit, Star Analytics, STT Webos, Sun, Tynax, WebSketch, Xpree, and Zoura. Also present was the organization Girls For A Change. Text from


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