May 22, 2008 Future Salon Maasai

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On Thursday May 22, 2008 at SAP in Palo Alto the Bay Area Future Salon hosted Erna Grasz of the Asante Foundation and two members of Kenya’s Maasai tribe. Salaton Ole’ Ntutu is a shaman and his companion Sabore is a warrior. Text from

For thousands of years they practiced a sustainable way of life that is now under threat. As warriors they have decided to rise to the challenge. They depend on cattle and goats for their livelihood and are vulnerable to climate change like sustained drought. They want to improve their quality of life without destroying their culture and are willing to do what it takes.

They want education to fight the loss of their tribal lands. They want to support widows who cannot remarry. They want to put a stop to female circumcision. They want to fight the spread of AIDS.

In order to build a better future we will have to do things we never thought we would do. Erna Grasz told her story of trying to sponsor one girl to go to school. Her father had six children and had lost his herd in a drought. He needed to feed his family. He wanted a cow in exchange for his daughter to go to school. She told her translator that she was not in the ‘cow buying business’. The translator said if she was in the ‘girls going to school’ business she needed to buy a cow. She understood and bought a cow.

If you want to see Mark Finnern bust a move check out the video. The Maasai are in the same boat as us. If only there was a presidential candidate that understood the problems facing both Kenya and America…

Here are some pictures of the event. Edward Cherlin was also on hand to show his One Laptop Per Child.

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