May 20, 2008 SDF Clean Tech Efficiency

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On May 20, 2008 in San Francisco, Nixon Peabody and Moss Adams sponsored a presentation on how clean tech companies are increasing energy efficiency. Susan Lucas-Conwell of SDForum and Anne Morrissey of ASTIA kicked off the event. Andrea Cohen of Nixon Peabody moderated a panel with panelists Zach Gentry of Adura Technologies, Barbara Grant of American River Ventures, Bennett Johnston of Lumenergi and Tim Woodward of Nth Power. Text from

The dramatic increase in energy costs is driving more companies to find ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

Andrea Cohen talked about the conscious effort that Nixon Peabody had made to increase energy efficiency in their offices. They are committed to emerging technology companies in the clean technologies and life sciences sectors.

Zach Gentry is the co-founded Adura Technologies after leaving SunPower. Adura provides a wireless lighting management solution that installs in less than five minutes per fixture with no downtime. Companies can quickly reconfigure their lighting controls if building use and occupancy changes. Adura has won a Flex your Power award and the Energy Efficiency Prize from the inaugural California Clean Technology Open.

Dr. Barbara Grant is Managing Director at American River Ventures. She studied chemistry at Stanford and worked her up the ladder at IBM and onto successful start-up Siros before moving to venture capital focusing on clean technology.

Bennett Johnston, Consultant and Senior Vice President Business Development at LumEnergi. He worked on strategic partnerships and commercial real estate investment before working with clients like, Mpower, SiteROCK, and Enova Systems.

Tim Woodward has been Managing Director at Nth Power. Since 1998. Woodward focuses on investments in renewable energy, demand side management, advanced metering and outsourced utility customer management. Mr. Woodward currently serves on the boards of AllConnect, Comverge (Nasdaq:COMV), H2Gen, Li*On Cells, Soliant Energy and Earthanol. He sees global growth in demand for any kind of energy efficiency investment.

While there are opportunities to upgrade existing energy infrastructure in developed countries, developing countries present opportunities to create high efficiency systems literally from the ground up. Either way, energy efficiency can give the competitive edge in a world of tighter and tighter margins.

Here are some pictures from the event.


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