May 2, 2008 SDF NASSCOM

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On May 2, 2008 at Orrick offices in Redwood City, SDForum and NASSCOM hosted a social mixer for the Indian delegation at Orrick and with senior TiE charter members. The people at Orrick make you feel welcome and know how to organize an event. The facility has this great Scandanavian design that looks like the entire building came out of a big flat box from IKEA. You can see my pictures of the chairs and tables that look like abstract art even when stored. Text from

This whole thing started when somebody asked me if I wanted to go to a NASSCOM event for India. I had a bad cell phone connection and thought they said NASCAR event. I didn’t know India had stock car racing, but it sounded interesting. Actually NASSCOM stands for National Association of Software and Service Companies. They are an Indian non-profit trade group encouraging emerging companies to do business around the world led by founder Anand Deshpande.

Last week they held several events with SDForum at Sun Microsystems, Google, HP, Cooley Godward, Microsoft and finally at Orrick. I met the leaders of emerging companies like S7 Software Director Manjunath Gowda, Newgen Software VP Hareish Gur, Cleave Global e-Services CEO Sunil Kumar, GradatimIT Ventures CEO C.V. Prakesh, Safaltek Software CEO Rajan Vasuvedan and NeST Software Jayadeep Vijayan.

I should note that KRS Murthy came back from Washington D.C. talking about Sunrgi, a solar energy company that can apparently compete with coal on price. I also talked with S7’s Nikhil Kookkori about migrating data and Seclore’s Vishal Gupta about controlling intellectual property once it has left your company.

Among the other attendees were Anil Advani, Sjaron Ang, Clive Boulton, David Flannery, Vishal Gupta, Raj Kapanay, Nikhil Kookkori, Manish Kunar, Hamid Lalani, Kuldip Mulhotra, Sushma Mulhotra, N.S. Natesh, Krupa Patel, Avinash Raghava, Carol Sands and Deven Verma.


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