Apr. 29, 2008 SDF Digital Media Quarterly

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On April 29, 2008 at Fish & Richardson in Redwood City SDForum Mobile SIG hosted the Digital Media Quarterly to discuss business models, pitfalls, technology, and controlling content. Richard Horning of Fish & Richardson moderated a panel including Neal Hansch of Rustic Canyon, Eric Ries of IMVU, Todd Sawicki of Lookery, Richard Yen of Blueprint Ventures and Jian Zhang of Tradescape, Inc. Text from DJCline.com.

Advertising models still dominate. The more channels there are to reach consumers, the more ways to advertise to them. Alliances with carriers are complicated and not always profitable. As for controlling content, expect to fight everything in court. Offer content that is usable on the desktop and mobile devices.

Joe Jasin came up from Los Angeles. Here he is with John Kesler of Blackbook.com and the new Nokia E90. Taking a decent picture of Joe or his cell phone is a challenge. I think it best if you see both in person. :-)


This was the first time I’d attended an event at Fish & Richardson. It is right next to the Redwood City train station if you are trying to save on gas. Here are pictures of the panel.


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