Apr. 24, 2008 STC Schmooze

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On April 24, 2008 at Arthur’s in Santa Clara, STC Silicon Valley chapter held it’s spring Schmooze. It was a big happy crowd of people networking for the next job. In honor of Earth Day, everyone got a free tote bag. Pat Harvey won an iPod and Andrew Davis won a tank of gas. The good news is he drives a hybrid. Text from DJCline.com.

Pat Harvey is chapter vice president. One of his duties is to check the snail mail. Last week he checked the post office box in Mountain View and inside was newsletter returned to us from… November 2000.

It raised all sorts of eerie questions. We haven’t sent out a paper newsletter since 2002. Was it in a time warp at the post office for all those years? Was it sitting next to the crate from Raiders of the Lost Ark? What prompted it to appear now? We may never know. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Dan Claussen, tell him I have his newsletter and I’d be happy to deliver it… in person.

This lost newsletter is one more reason we are working hard to overhaul our chapter website and get our members information in a more timely fashion. We are going live soon and look forward to your constructive feedback. Unconstructive comments can be sent by snail. :-)

Some of the dedicated attendees were Sabahat Ashraf, Frazier Berek, Dave Brubaker, Bonnie Clark, Lew Coddington, JoAnne Grey, Todd Hawley, Chris Harvey, Pat Harvey, Jill Holdaway, Megan Leney, Richard Mateosian, KRS Murthy, Revathi Sampath, Steve Weller, and Brian Wright.

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