Apr. 9, 2008 SDF Ribbit

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On April 9, 2008 at DLA Piper in East Palo Alto SDForum’s Emerging Tech SIG hosted Ribbit’s co-founder and Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Crick Waters. He presented “Bringing Mobile Voice to Web Applications”. Text stolen from DJCline.com.

Educated at Duke University, Waters is an expert in packets, DSL, Wi-Fi, broadband and nuclear engineering. He worked for AT&T and served as director on both the DSL Forum and International Packet Communications Consortium. He is no stranger to cutting edge communications.

The Ribbit platform is an open API for the integration of voice objects in Web applications. He also talked about the release of Ribbit’s new Salesforce application, and a sneak peek at Amphibian, their breakthrough consumer product. Basically it is an open platform for developers who want to break down the barriers between phone technology and the Internet.

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