Feb. 6, 2008 CICC Israel


On February 6th, 2008 at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus the California Israel Chamber of Commerce with Israel Economic Mission held the 2nd Annual IsraelWebTour to meet the up and coming Web 2.0 companies in 2008.

Shuly Galili Executive Director of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce introduced David Akov, the Consul General of Israel for Pacific Northwest Region. He said Israel’s technology sector has two billion dollars in annual investment and some 400 start-ups.

The opening keynote was Dan’l Lewin, Corporate Vice President, Strategic and Emerging Business Development, Microsoft. Microsoft’s Silicon Valley center has over 2000 people in research and development as well as mergers and acquisitions, particularly start-ups. It also has a substantial presence in Israel looking for new ideas.

The first set of presentations by new companies included:

Nuconomy CEO Shahar Nehmad helps companies better understand their customer’s website behavior. It gathers relevant statistics that lead to sales. It can tell you that eight percent of your customers generate fifty percent of your sales.

Sportingo CEO Ze’ev Rozov said fifty percent of web surfers are looking for sports information. They have built a global network of fans to cover every sport imaginable. They are edited by his staff and then posted online.

ClicktaleCEO Tal Schwartz talked about web analytics inside each page. It can show you where users click and scroll to increase usability. While the statistics are useful, the most fascinating was their scrolling heat map showing what parts of website are more interesting to users. This give enormous insight into what your customers are looking at.

Delver CEO Liad Agmon uses social networks to create relevant search results based on a user’s social graph. Type in your name and it aggregates public profile information from MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, etc. and displays people in your network that may have information relevant to your search. A friend of a friend may have gone to restaurant you are curious about.

5min. CEO Hanan Laschover created Life Videopedia to explain any solution in a five-minute video. Think of it as a useful YouTube that already has five million viewers per month with five million from Spark Capital.

AllofMeCEO Addy Feurstein aggregates and manages personal digital assets over your entire lifetime. Baby pictures, family vacations and wedding videos can all be tagged to a timeline, which can be viewed with other timelines. You could see the cover for Time magazine the day you were born or what else was happening the day you graduated.

An industry panel discussed “The Future of the Net: From Israel to Silicon Valley” Ido Sarig, Partner of TWVP moderated a panel including Daniel Cohen of Gemini Israel Funds,Yaron Galai of Outbrain and Quigo, Eyal Hertzog of Metacafe, David Kostman of Lehman Brothers

The second set of presentations by new companies included:

8Hands CEO Ofer Luft can network your social networks using a mobile device. Social network and phone companies will like that it can keep subscribers on their networks, has flexible billing and works on mass market phones.

Codename Journeys CEO Guy Bendov showed a browser based virtual world social network based on real world geography. The company or users supply pictures of places around the world. Users customize their avatar or accommodations and make travel plans or play games. RSS feeds, e-mail or text messaging keep you informed of events while you are back in the real world.

Qoof CEO Richard Kligman’s created a platform and network to match retail online video commercials with targeted customers online. Their Flash widget has “buy now” functions that go beyond advertising to direct selling.

The third set of presentations by new companies included:

BlogTV CEO Nir Offir introduced live social networking video. Users can host and invite others to participate or watch a live show. Their proprietary technology works with any ISP to show on desktop or mobile systems

Velingo CEO Nicky Pappo is aggregates user behavior and generated content and loads it into a recommendation engine. Velingo then opens a small window with a personalized recommendation.

PageOnce CEO Guy Goldstein helps users get control of their digital lives with FetchOnce. It keeps track of all your passwords and sign-ons. It displays only what you want without having to surf: bills, e-mails, and movie rentals. Companies can build profiles to target effective ads.

Erayo CEOs Raffi Topaz and Yoni Zelinger created a global online marketplace for small designers and manufacturers to reach independent retailers looking for unique merchandise. It is an example of globalization that can work for small business.

PLYmedia CEO Ben Enosh wants users to not only watch video online but also interact with it. It is Pop-up video on steroids. An interactive layer is laid over the video that can be clicked on to provide subtitling, close captioning, narration, relevant web links and advertising.

At lunch Cathy Brooks, Executive Producer of Seesmic interviewed Sarah Lacy, Business Week columnist and co-host for Yahoo! Finance TechTicker about her upcoming book “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good”. Brooks talked about covering Silicon Valley celebrities and becoming one herself.

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