Jan. 28, 2008 SDF 3D Mobile Communities

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On January 28, 2008 at Pillsbury Winthrop in Palo Alto, SDForum’s Virtual Worlds SIG hosted Gemini Mobile Technologies presentation “3D Mobile Communities”.

While most Americans use PCs and cell phones, only 12 percent use mobile devices to surf the web. Asia has more people using mobile Internet third generation community interfaces. How can that usage be increased in the U.S.?

Their goal is bring the virtual experience of a desktop to mobile devices. Rob Osborn, Gemini Mobile’s Director of eXplo showed how 3D mobile communities encouraged people to buy new mobile phones and increase data use. In particular Osborn talked about their 3D Mobile Social Networks in Japan and showed how the US can catch up to this market.

Gemini launched a 3D mobile community service called S!Town for SoftBank Mobile in Japan. It has over 250,000 registered users and grows by word of mouth. Their platform is called Hyperscale with a Hyperscale Messaging Center and eXplo Community Platform running on top of it. It allows you to select a cute avatar and navigate around a virtual village where you can talk to your friends and buy things. It is funded by ads, subscription, selling music, video and virtual goods.

Gemini supplies the servers, client libraries and wrapper applications or UI. The content provider handles the 3D world content, videos, music and games. The end user supplies the personally created contents with photos, videos or blogs.

They are currently working with Sprint to see how 3D Mobilty can move to America.

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