Dec. 13, 2007 STC Schmooze

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On Dec. 13, 2007 the STC Schmooze was in full swing with a jazz band at Arthur’s in Santa Clara. New members and old partied and networked. Andrew Davis of Synergistech, Jack Molisani of ProSpring and Michael Harris of Access were there with jobs to fill all over the Bay Area.

Headhunters can be overwhelmed by posting a job and getting thousands of resumes to sort through. There is a time tested way to find good people… physically meet them. If you are looking for work or have a position to fill, the best way to do that is to get involved with STC. You can be a sponsor or volunteer your time for the chapter. It is the best way to meet and get to know people before you hire them.

Oh, there were elves at the schmooze.

12-13-07 Schmooze 2 copy.jpg12-13-07 Schmooze 1 copy.jpg

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